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With an experience of over 26th CITRA JAYA NOERSONS today is a service bureau and driver Vehicle rental services for businesses as well as private.

In 1992 we formed a business under the name CITRA NUSA RENTAL with driver members to date more than 3000 people across Jakarta, and some have been recruited as permanent workers in the company, Foreign Embassies, Housing and Personal and some are still daily.

In Jakarta Our resolve is to provide the best service in a service bureau services Rent a car and driver for DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY and services include honesty, diligence and discipline that can be believed.

Where the service and service-driver our driver would not satisfy you, please contact us, and we are ready to replace with another driver, because our goal is a good quality of services.

We are confident that our Rental is a sign of our concern for the environment and for the sake of humanity and also to improve the social and Human Resources.

The objectives we established this business is in the effort to assist the Government in hammer Unemployment by channeling the drivers to the Company, Embassy, Real Estate, and Personal best suits your needs.

Become a leading provider of vehicle and driver are skilled in their fields as well as selection of the company that is loved by it’s partner.

  1. Commitment to do the best service to the consumer and driver.
  2. Creating a working relationship there that is mutually beneficial to the partners.
  3. Good to use those resources by providing training and induction.
  4. Uphold the integrity, confidentiality and security of customer information.


PT. Citra Noersons Jaya

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    Jl. Karang Tengah No. 19 Lebak Bulus, Cilandak, Jakarta 12440, Jakarta Selatan 12920

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