1. Daily Driver
  2. Monthly Driver
  3. Driver for Company
  4. Daily and monthly car rental for companies
  5. Provide Safety Driving Training for Companies

  1. Flexible Price
  2. Monthly Check List Car Report
  3. Briefing with Drivers every 3 Months
  4. Reward and Punishment every One Year
  5. Cars Inspection on the Spot
  6. Safety Driver Training
  7. Honest and Trusty

We, PT. Citra Noersons Jaya also provides five (5) points for the Customer, for the safety of passengers and vehicle Customer is our goal.

1. Service

Without our Customer there will be no, because it will always provide the best for Customer Service and Make the Customer Partner.

2. Competitive

We want to be the best and all of our professional driver = driver.

3. Quality Product

Because millions of people died in the world one of the highway, all drivers tell us that have followed the instructions Driving Safety Training and locations frequented by foreigners in Jakarta as well as providing a competitive price to the customer.

4. Consistent with Commitments

We have always been consistent with the commitment and constant communication with the driver in the field and also to communicate with the customer.

5. Human Resources Asset

Acceptance prospective driver must be a complete reference and filling personal data and do a written test. Some months we had a meeting with the drivers and discuss the problems that occur in the field.

Citra Noersons Jaya offers you an alternative that is much less costly than the vehicle you drive yourself to the street so crowded and jammed when you need to conserve energy and concentrate the mind for Project and Business bigger.

Now you can rent a vehicle or the driver at any time in accordance with the purposes and needs for ONE DAY, ONE WEEK, ONE MONTH or to the extent you need.

Renting means you only need to pay a fee or issued in accordance with purposes only and also you do not need to cost a lot to run an errand for a moment, this means a convenience and advantage.

Your Phone Number, when we come according to your need.

By taking or hire a driver from Noersons Citra Jaya guarantee the maintenance of the level of security and cleanliness of your vehicle.

You can call, our staff immediately via Phone 021-7504913, 7504914 Fax 021-7504914. Our MISSION is to maintain customer satisfaction, honesty and trust you. When you are satisfied with the services of our driver, tell your friends. If you are not satisfied please contact us.


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